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hi, i'm madalyne

I am an adventurer, trail runner, content creator, traveler, lover of road trips, connoisseur of tortilla chips, and avid reader. While I am a Colorado native, I recently moved to the beautiful Pacific Northwest after years of being nomadic.

My love for adventure travel began with a high school trip to Italy and Greece and was confirmed after studying abroad in Chiang Mai, Thailand for six months. Since then, I have been lucky enough to travel to such beautiful places as the cloud forests of Colombia, the snowcapped Altiplano of Peru, and the rugged volcanic peaks of Chile.

Follow my adventures in real-time on Instagram or Strava.

Selfie of girl in Mt. Rainier National Park.
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Current Location: Hood River, Oregon, USA

Dream Adventure(s): mountaineering in Pakistan, hiking or trail running the Jordan Trail, bikepacking across Mongolia

Favorite Place(s) in the World: the canyonlands of southern Utah, Salento, Colombia, and my parent's cabin in the Rocky Mountains

Go-to Post-Adventure Meal: macaroni and cheese with Soyrizo or pizza

Favorite Movie: Jurassic Park or The King's Speech

If I Was an Animal, I'd Be: a fox

When Not Adventuring You Will Find Me: reading or journaling in a coffee shop (hopefully with an oat milk latte in hand)

Song I Can Listen to on Repeat: Way Out There by Lord Huron

I am passionate about exploring and adventuring and having authentic, sustainable experiences. This means I focus on being as environmentally friendly as possible (i.e. eating locally, reducing plastic and carbon usage), diving deep into a culture and not just staying surface level, getting off the tourist "trail" and instead seeking out places that aren't found on popular travel itineraries, and focusing on natural outdoor adventures.


Similarly, I want to help inspire and educate other explorers (like you!) to become more sustainable adventure travelers too. For in the end, if we want to continue exploring on this wonderful planet we need to take better care of it.

contact me // legal jargon

Girl standing in doorway at Machu Picchu.
Do you have questions on collaborating, writing or just want to say hey, then I would love to hear from you! You can reach me at or fill out the contact form below.
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