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Guatemala: the land of delicious coffee, sweet chocolate, fiery volcanoes, mythical lakes, ancient ruins, and funky school buses. 

A place where colors blend with the thick jungle, gallos both strut the street and cool you down after a hot day, and fresh, homemade tortillas are only a step away.

Located on the edge of Central America, Guatemala has a rich and vibrant culture, as well as a landscape full of amazing adventures.


In fact, the largest country in Central America is home to 21 indigenous Mayan communities (each with their own language), the deepest lake (Lake Atitlan, at 340 meters) and 30 volcanoes (3 of which are active). 

If you are looking for an exciting, culturally rich and authentic Central American adventure, then I cannot recommend Guatemala enough!

best time to visit

The dry season - which runs from November to April. January and February are the quietest months for travel.

top adventures

Exploring Antigua, hiking Acatenango Volcano, walking around Tikal and visiting the towns on Lake Atitlan.

number of national parks


time needed to explore

At least 2 weeks, though 3 or 4 gives you more time to visit those more off-the-beaten-path destinations.

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