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Colors. Coffee. Coasts.

Oh, Colombia. A land of plenty: plenty of people, plenty of cultures, plenty of wildlife and of course, plenty of exciting adventures. From snorkeling along the Caribean Coast to wandering around historic colonial ports to trekking in a place that reminded me strongly of Mars to exploring forests of the largest palm trees in the world.

Colombia is the type of place you could spend years exploring and still feel like you only scratched the surface. Luckily, it is a great place to slow down and stay a while. Explore my in-depth Colombian adventure travel guides below.

best time to visit

The weather doesn't fluctuate very much, but holidays - especially Christmas and New Year's - are very busy.

top adventures

Hiking in the Andes, exploring some of the major cities like Medellin and Cartagena, and visiting the very quiet Pacific Coast.

number of national parks


time needed to explore

3 - 4 weeks should be enough to quickly see the major sites.

pre-trip planning for colombia
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