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road trips

Is there anything better than hitting the open road, having no real destination in mind, and just setting out on a grand adventure? I don't think so. That is why I choose to head out on road trips as often as possible, and why so many of my favorite stories come from adventures along backroads.

And as if you needed more reason to hit the open road, did you know road-tripping is one of the most sustainable and adventurous ways to see a destination? So the next time you are looking for a memorable, exciting, and environmentally friendly way to head out and explore - consider hopping in your vehicle of choice and setting off for the open road.

Make sure to check out my in-depth road trip routes and road trip adventure guides, plus lots of insightful tips and inspiration, below.

start planning your road trip adventure

This adventure guide outlines everything you need to know about finding FREE campsites while road tripping all around the USA.

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